7 reasons why you should consider learning German as a second language

7 reasons why you should consider learning German as a second language

What do you think about Germany? History, shops, top marks and famous cars are almost too obvious. But have you ever thought of learning the language that English originates from? Here are a few reasons why you should consider learning German as a second language:


Germany has become one of the favorite destinations for researchers. With one of the cheapest education systems in Europe, Germany has attracted a large number of foreign students seeking high quality education at affordable prices. Taking a Master in Germany usually costs only a quarter of what you pay in the United States and Britain as a foreign student. According to data from the German Academic Exchange (DAAD), Germany had registered 282,201 international students enrolled at their universities, many foreign students coming for exchange programs added that number. There are certainly many German universities offering courses in English, but you may want to learn at least the basics of the German language to interact with other students on campus and daily life outside campus.


Germany is the 7th most visited country in the world; Berlin alone has an annual sum of approximately 135 million day visitors with many dozens of tourist sites; There are also famous cities like Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich, which have a lot of history on their lands as well as the remains of the world war. It can only be a matter of time for you to start thinking about visiting this famous country. So lets say youre hoping for a flight to Germany for any reason, you do not want to be able to communicate with the lady sitting next to you on the bus, unfortunately, I mean the people you find around you. You do not want to talk and listen to actions.


And yes of course. Germany has the fourth strongest economy in the world, the strongest in Europe and is Europes largest exporter. Companies all over the world have business relations with Germany for help, study and development. Knowing German could open doors to you beyond your imagination. Germany has some of the largest companies in the world with its headquarters spread throughout Central Europe. You will fall asleep if I have to start noting world famous brands coming from Germany, from cosmetics to the automotive industry ... in thousands! Knowing German can add numbers to your bank account. People use English as an established language for companies; But in Germany, communication in their language for companies creates a sense of unity, you can underestimate how much of a find this can be.

career Placement

German is one of the most spoken languages ​​and the 11th most popular language in the world, spoken by 1.9% of the worlds population. There is a constant increase in German speakers in our world today; I think this goes with the countrys economic power. Many foreigners come in to live and work in Germany. German is one of the official languages ​​in Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg, so it can not just be about working in Germany. Even in todays world, many bilingual or multilingual people have an additional advantage in the labor market. Many authorities, travel industry, advertising, international law and countless other sectors need people with foreign language skills. Do not forget a lot of people to earn translation jobs, and the demand for translators is still rising.

Make new connections

Learning German opens you to another group of people, not the friends you usually see in your philosophy class, but people with the same purpose to know the language. I find it fun to have new friends and to communicate with them in another language. Even if you take a German language course online, you can always join forums and social groups online.

Learn the culture

German will not only be a language you learn, but if you take a course on it, you will soon discover that you also learn the culture. Most course procedures include German music, film history, literature that makes you learn not only the language but also the culture. Its so amazing to get out of your own world!

Open to a new world

Learning another language makes you open for a new world, a new way to see things, new activities and new people. Cultures form reasoning so therefore your mind becomes open to another way of considering things when you take a trip to another culture that is not yours. You will see the world from a completely different angle. You will certainly see things in the light of this great race that has existed and influenced the world for centuries. Show things in German.

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